Thursday, July 9, 2009


I searched for a true friend and here it was,
With a little sorrow and a little loss:

“I had a best friend,
I thought for our friendship he was meant.
I shared with him everything,
For just a smile on his face to bring.

Then I got to know that his friendship was fake,
What a sorrow of my life with a jerking brake!
I always helped him when he needed,
But with me he had cheated!

On him I was always depended,
But, I didn’t knew that he pretended.
With him I always shared my thoughts,
He had made our 'FRIENDSHIP' like a rope with knots!”

After that I decided not to rely anyone,
So that no one again make me stunt!......
It’s “OUR” Chance

Have you heard of global warming?
Yes, it is true.
We all used new gadgets & vehicles,
Oh! The harmful gases it threw.

Everyone knew about it,
But no one tried to stop.
And who would?
When there was so much to rest & nothing to drop!

This is the time,
It’s still not late.
We have to prove
Humans too can do something GREAT……