Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Sense of Being

You can just feel it. What words can match that feeling after all!
To be trusted, to be smiled at, to get angry upon, to know someone's hurt when you broke the trust you didn't know existed, a sweet pain it is. 

To be energetic subsequently, to WANT to make a difference, to feel like working hard without any outcome, to be trusted again, to be helped selflessly, to feel like doing something in a similar way, to BE better, to WANT to think. Not to move back(except in every line, when auto-correct comes disguised with swipe-to-type feature), and observe this beauty of human relationships. The moment when you feel your existence, and you know- you can make a difference.

A Dream so true They had in mind -

Of a World unique (of a different kind).
All Senses twined in a pounding soul,
We create, perceive and leave behind.

Night Owl

Look out of that window!!!!

It's a billion stories, their histories, lots many aims and ambitions, all stacked up in little buildings, dimly lit by yellow spots scattered around, waiting. Waiting to continue, or to begin the race, the fight, the celebration of togetherness, chasing the sun. Chasing The Sun for that ONE cool breeze that people say you'll find around. All over they go each time, every day, all of their lives, SAME SAME!

Love, hatred and competition- in so much abundance.

And another day sets,
for a new morrow shall rise tomorrow...

Good Night.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yehi hai ZINDAGI...

Ek namee hai zindagi,
Na kabhi thamee hai zindagi, 
Har paar phir, har baar hi,
Kyun kuch kamee hai zindagi... 

Woh baatein yaar ki 
Kuch yaadein pyaar ki,
Kuch hasiaan goonjti,
Kuch seekhen haar ki,

Kyun h koste jab paroste ,
Khud ko Hum hee yeh zindagi
Chaahe jahaan, chal pad vahaan,
Na koi Kamee hai zindagi..

Monday, June 8, 2015


Kaho ki waqt ab mera hai,
Har pal abb naya savera hai,
Abhi mein jee, na kal mein chal,
Ke manjil yeh rastaa hi teraa hai...

Sab baatein beha gayeen, 

Chand yaadein reha gayeen.
Jeene ki raah par
Khushiyaan aadhi reh gayeen...

Jo chehre pe hotoon ko hasee de, woh khushee hai, ek nadee hai  ...
Dard ki chattano   ko seeche , wo hawaa de, Zindagi de...
Man ki mushkiloon ko samjhe, ek jagaah hai, jo panhaa de....
Dil ki har dhadkan pehchaane, yeh wo  stri  hai, har kaheen hai...


That's all for now;)

Monday, November 15, 2010


I need a true friend,
A best friend of mine.
I'll find the friend out,
Just give me a sign.

It can be anyone or anything,
Even a plantlet from a seed.
But still be a true friend,
The true friend i need.

Whom i can share my thoughts with,
With whom i can be my own.
The one with whom i won't feel lonely,
With that friend i would never be alone.

I'll tell the friend about all happenings,
And all of my other feelings.
Some of my wounds in them,
And some of my healings.

Friendship is such an evergreen thing,
It never changes with trend.
So every one needs friendship,
And i too need a friend,

Saturday, October 10, 2009


We have to save the earth,
This is the time to realize its worth.
Or it will be too late,
We have to start it now there is no time to wait.

We must think on global matter, not for our will,
We have to cure the earth, its ill.
Help each other, save the earth,
A new symbiosis must be given birth.

Reduce the smoke, stop the cutting of tree,
Let the environment be green, let it be free.
Follow the 5 R’s – Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Replenish & Restore,
Follow such movements more & more.

This awareness among the people grew,
But I first thought of awaking you.
Save the future, save the earth,
This is the time to realize its worth.………….

Of him when I thought,
To my thought more he brought.
He was a friend of mine,
This was our friendship’s sign.

Whenever he would cry,
I encouraged him to try.
He was my friend, a tree,
He was large, green & free.

It bore many fruits,
and had big, brown roots.
The cool shadow it gave,
During storms it acted brave.

Some people came to cut it with axe in their hand,
They wanted to make a factory on the land.
To see this when I cry,
My friend isn’t there to tell me to try.

Plant a tree, make a new friend.
Make this thing today’s trend............