Saturday, October 10, 2009


We have to save the earth,
This is the time to realize its worth.
Or it will be too late,
We have to start it now there is no time to wait.

We must think on global matter, not for our will,
We have to cure the earth, its ill.
Help each other, save the earth,
A new symbiosis must be given birth.

Reduce the smoke, stop the cutting of tree,
Let the environment be green, let it be free.
Follow the 5 R’s – Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Replenish & Restore,
Follow such movements more & more.

This awareness among the people grew,
But I first thought of awaking you.
Save the future, save the earth,
This is the time to realize its worth.………….

Of him when I thought,
To my thought more he brought.
He was a friend of mine,
This was our friendship’s sign.

Whenever he would cry,
I encouraged him to try.
He was my friend, a tree,
He was large, green & free.

It bore many fruits,
and had big, brown roots.
The cool shadow it gave,
During storms it acted brave.

Some people came to cut it with axe in their hand,
They wanted to make a factory on the land.
To see this when I cry,
My friend isn’t there to tell me to try.

Plant a tree, make a new friend.
Make this thing today’s trend............