Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Sense of Being

You can just feel it. What words can match that feeling after all!
To be trusted, to be smiled at, to get angry upon, to know someone's hurt when you broke the trust you didn't know existed, a sweet pain it is. 

To be energetic subsequently, to WANT to make a difference, to feel like working hard without any outcome, to be trusted again, to be helped selflessly, to feel like doing something in a similar way, to BE better, to WANT to think. Not to move back(except in every line, when auto-correct comes disguised with swipe-to-type feature), and observe this beauty of human relationships. The moment when you feel your existence, and you know- you can make a difference.

A Dream so true They had in mind -

Of a World unique (of a different kind).
All Senses twined in a pounding soul,
We create, perceive and leave behind.

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